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Your Strategic Partner in All Things Growth

We are Experts in Acquiring Customers.
At PALO, we're not just season digital marketers to your business. We see ourselves as your partner in growth. With us, it's not just about numbers and ROI; it's about building deep partnerships.

Our reputation

Why Does the Industry Choose PALO?

We Act As Your Partner

At PALO, we're not just an external agency to your business. We look at ourselves as your partner in growth. It's not just all numbers and ROI with us, its building deep partnerships as well.

We Know What True Scale Is

We Know What True Scale Is

We have 14 years of growth experience under our belt. Whether you're a marketer, brand, law firm or agency, we understand what is needed to truly scale your business based on tried and tested tactics and values. Our longest lasting clients are our strongest partnerships.

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The PALO Experience

How we rose up to become leaders in the performance marketing industry.

PALO’s journey to becoming one of the top-performing marketing agencies was a gradual and intentional process. The company’s roots trace back to a marketer’s ambitious mission to expand its partnerships.

Over time, PALO has grown in size, expertise, and reputation, earning its place as a leader in the competitive world of performance marketing. With years of experience and a proven track record, PALO has cemented its position as a go-to agency for businesses looking to achieve results and growth through marketing.


Law Firm Growth

Law Firm Growth

At PALO, our team of experts has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in growing a successful law practice. From the initial stages of acquiring quality retainers to navigating the complex landscape of state guidelines on professional rules of conduct, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the unique challenges of running a law firm.



Our team comprises seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and a proven track record of facilitating policy growth. We specialize in policy growth facets, from direct media buying to creating and managing compliant agent teams. We ensure your policies are quoted and closed efficiently while adhering to all necessary regulations.



We specialize in driving growth within the financial services industry by implementing targeted strategies for acquiring new customers, while ensuring strict compliance measures are integrated into every transaction. Our clients can see true growth in one of the most difficult industries to succeed in without comprosiming the quality of the user experience.


Our team

The PALO Crew

We excel at building strong relationships and deeply understand the industries we work in to seamlessly integrate with your business.

Aria Martinez

Operations Coordinator

Diego Francioni

Software Engineer

John Belaska

Media Buyer

Sory Rivera

VP of Sales

Daniel Gerbaudo

Head of Development

James Basic

Head of Media Buying

Zoe Bader

Partner Operations

Moie Mojado

Creative Strategist

Vivian Lissa

Client Advocate

Gene Morris

Media Buyer

Anthony Paluzzi


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Our Address

6 Main St Ext #3853 Plymouth, MA 02361

Let's connect

General Inquiries
Our Address

6 Main St Ext #3853 Plymouth, MA 02361