What Our Clients Says

  1. In the twenty plus years that I have been in this space, my experience with Palo Media's team has been unparalleled. Beyond their professionalism, they understand how to build successful campaigns, they think outside of the box and they always look for win-win formulas. They morph every piece of business that I bring them into a long term, scalable and lucrative venture. Each member of the team is on point, helpful and has a can-do attitude. They treat everyone with whom they do business like family and there is no one in the industry that I trust more. Doing business with Palo makes me love what I do because I feel good about the business that we generate together and I love interacting with them.

    Focus Lab Rhianna
  2. Palo is an awesome partner! Highly collaborative and super easy to work with.

    Focus Lab David Q
  3. Working with Palo is an absolute pleasure. I have actively worked with PALO for almost 8 years now....yes, I even admit it! They are absolute studs, and goes above and beyond on anything I ask of them. Palo does an amazing job managing buyers and publishers, and provide a lot of insight into their campaigns. From a publisher perspective, I always receive detailed feedback so that I can optimize for not only quality, but also profitability. These details keep the advertiser happy, to allow for very long running campaigns. Highly recommended!

    Focus Lab Curt Denny- Mobile Technologies
  4. Palo has always been a joy to work with. They are easy to integrate with, communicate effectively and always pay on time.

    Focus Lab Michael Cartwright Creative Intellects:
  5. Working with PALO has been a great experience. She is quick to respond and is ready to work with me to ensure we have a successful program running no matter what. They are invested in the success of our business and wants to grow a partnership, not just a one off campaign. They listen and take our feedback into account and actually implements it. I am excited to grow with the PALO team and explore more opportunities for us to work together.

    Focus Lab Ernesto Ponce, Coverage One Insurance
  6. We have been working with the PALO team for over 2 years now and each team member has been involved at some point of this partnership. They have been professional, fun and collaborative partners who work with us to understand what exactly we are looking for and what works the best with our business model. We have had many fun experiences outside of just doing business together and that is hard to find. The Palo team has been a breath of fresh air to work with!

    Focus Lab Stephen Luthy, The Credit Pros
  7. As a publisher, I have worked with several different networks but working with Palo has been the best experience I have had. Besides having offers that are publisher friendly, the Account Managers are wonderful to work with and always are available when I have questions. The quality of the offers are vetted and are always tested out before being given to a Publisher which makes success a reality. If you want to find a network that treats you as a partner and the best payment terms in the industry, Palo is the network you will want to work with.

    Focus Lab James Proctor, Digital Resource Management
  8. I have worked with Palo Media for more than 3 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to communicate with almost every one of the team, and their consistently clear communication makes partnering simple. The top-quality results I have experienced are exactly what you would expect from them. They are true professionals in the Pay Per Call industry and great partners for my business.

    Focus Lab Plamen Stoyanov, RingMax
  9. I have been a affiliate that has been running Palo's offers for a few years now. Most of their offers are evergreen and can have campaigns printing money for you until you retire if you can put the work in the next few years on cracking the code... Weekly payouts with staff that go out of their way to help affiliates start generating calls with the online advertising world.

    Focus Lab Bart Strellz, Impulsive Marketing
  10. PALO has some of the best call offers on the market but that's not their differentiator. Anthony and his team go out of their way to learn my business so they can truly understand what success is for my business.

    Focus Lab Brent Dunn, PPC Mode