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PALO Publisher Perks™

As a publisher, your job is tough. It takes quite a bit to set a campaign up and know how to get started when you’re venturing into a new vertical or even a new media channel. We thought we’d try and give you a jump start on your campaign with what we’ve seen work so you’re not re-inventing some wheels.

I started this agency as a solo affiliate and I know what it takes to launch a new offer.
I wanted to make it easier for our affiliate partners to launch a new campaign with PALO by leveraging our platform and experience in several industries we've bought ads in. Lets scale 🚀 to the moon 🌙!

Anthony Paluzzi

Anthony Paluzzi

Founder & CEO

Your Custom Built Landing Page

Don’t try to be a pioneer right from the start. Take what works and launch it. Then you can apply new techniques on how to make it scale.

Google Ads Editor Ready Built Campaign

If you’re not using Google Ads Editor, you should be. You can literally upload this template and your campaign is 90% ready for you to run.

Starter Keywords to Focus On

Knowing which keywords to kick off first can save a TON of time. Let our experience get you started faster with the best chance of profitability.

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Talk with Us, We Need It

If you need help with any of these, we’re here to help. As well, we want to know what else you need to be successful so we can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easier than ever to work with quality brands, introduce your audience to relevant products and services, and grow your business.

Absolutely not. You’re free to do whatever you please with these assets, they’re yours. Our hope is that we deliver enough value to make you stick around.

The starter campaign is a CSV template in which you can upload to google ads editor and have the campaign 90% ready to run. Google ads editor allows you to make changes in bulk and quick so this fits perfectly. You’ll need to download google ads editor to use this. Most google ads marketers will recommend those when managing multiple campaigns and ad groups.

Of course. We’re not historically native experts but we understand the funnel when it comes to driving a phone call so we apply these principles to building our native as well. Just ask.

We thought we’d make it easy for you and let you install via a WordPress plugin you’ve created. This way you won’t need to do anything with your SQL database or anything hosting-wise...most of the time.

The keyword here is STARTER. They're meant to kick off your campaign with data extracted from multiple spy tools that suggest this will be the best way to start toward profitability. Like with any camping, you need to optimize to make your campaigns scale and grow more profit. Based upon data we analyze internally and trends we see, this should help give you a major jumpstart.

We sure do. We’ve spent a great deal of time learning sms and using it to generate calls in a profitable and compliant manner. As a publisher, we allow you to use our SMS system for free when you run our offers. This way you can learn, grow and scale without any extra cost. It’s been really scaling with publishers, ask us today and we’ll get you setup!

100% no. This would be the first thing I’d question as well. Nothing is being added for us to keep an eye on things or learn about your marketing. The site is clean of any tracking, the plug in we provide can be deleted whenever you’d like, the campaign template is a simple CSV. We’d never overstep the boundaries when it comes to privacy and we wouldn’t risk our reputation on this either.

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Let's connect

General Inquiries
Our Address

6 Main St Ext #3853 Plymouth, MA 02361