As a publisher, most of the time you’re performing all roles of a business by yourself.

Accounting, media buying, reviewing analytics, learning new techniques, business development— the list goes on. PALO understands this, as we also got our start just like you and we want to make it easier for you.

  • On- time, fast payments.

  • Custom built campaigns by publisher.

  • Experienced account managers in all areas of media buying and selling.

  • Workshops led by industry recognized experts with 1-on-1 training.

  • Market leading programs.

  • Ad tech to help you scale at no cost.

Our goal

Our goal as a marketplace/network to our publishers is to maximize their revenue. As a publisher/media buyer, your main focus is to ensure you not only can generate quality traffic but remain profitable. We’re conscious of this and every program we design is created with an affiliate mindset.


Publisher Team

The PALO publisher team has been in this space long enough to know what you need as a publisher and can talk your talk. Our entire company is required to go through several ad certification courses.

Anthony Paluzzi


Gene Morris

Director of Media

Carrie Schulz

Finance Administrator