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Pay Per Call FAQ

Pay Per Call FAQ

What is a Pay Per Call network?

A pay per call network, also known as a pay per call agency, is a company that focuses primarily on marketing that is intended to generate an inbound phone call. Publishers, or affiliates, work with a pay per call network to gain access to pay per call affiliate offers. Advertisers, or merchants, work with pay per call networks to generate more phone calls for their business.

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

Pay per call works simply by arranging the business relationship between the marketer and the client around a phone call, rather than a click or online sales like most digital marketing agencies or affiliate networks operate. The most common method is where advertisers pay affiliates a pre-arranged amount for every phone call generated by their marketing efforts.

What Industries Work Well in Pay Per Call?

Any business that is reliant on speaking with a customer before providing their product or service is a perfect fit for pay per call. The legal industry works very well in pay per call as attorneys often need to consult with their clients prior to agreeing to a working relationship. As well, local home contractors work very well with pay per call as a majority of the work they provide are for emergencies and require immediate assistance, which a phone call solves.

How is Pay Per Call Tracked?

Pay per call is tracked using unique telephone numbers, also known as direct inward dialling numbers (DID). The unique DID can be tracked back to the original source of the phone call, allowing the user to measure the effectiveness of their marketing and attribute sales, and or, revenue to the appropriate parties. Often times a call tracking solution is utilized for this purpose or a user can create their own call tracking system.

What Role Does a Pay Per Call Network Play?

A good pay per call agency or pay per call network plays a crucial role in growing a pay per call business. Often times, advertisers are not capable of growing an affiliate program so they work with a network to plug into a large, diverse network of marketers that can aid in growth. Publishers are able to gain value by accessing pay per call offers that may be difficult to obtain on their own. The pay per call network can be viewed as an extension to any business or company by performing sales, accounting, business development, quality assurance, lines of credit and so on.