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Grow Your Law Practice with Pay Per Call Marketing

You only pay for qualified calls to your Practice. Stop buying unqualified leads, start buying highly-targeted phone calls!


We specialize in pay per call marketing for law firms

Our primary goal is to get you high-quality case leads you can easily turn into high-paying clients

We find high-quality case leads

We target your ideal audience with our proven targeting methods that can easily convert prospects into high-quality leads sent directly to your firm.

We evaluate every case lead

Our quality assurance process begins with our ads. We filter our case leads thoroughly to ensure they meet your set criteria of an ideal client.Our team of experts is here to make everything super easy for you.

You receive a call

After evaluating the case lead and ensuring it matches your description of an ideal client, we transfer it to you. At this stage, everything has been sorted. The person waiting on the other side of the phone is ready to become your client.


Our Primary Objective: Getting You Consistent Flow of Quality Pay Per Call Leads!

At PALO, our primary objective is to provide you with a consistent flow of high-quality leads through our highly systematized digital marketing strategies. This is something that we have been doing since 2010. We understand how important it is for our clients to stay relevant and ahead of competition.

We are here to help you attract new leads to your law firm and turn them into high-paying clients. Whether you are an independent attorney or a partner in a firm, we shall help you cut above the rest and deliver a consistent flow of high-quality leads exclusively to your legal business in real-time.

We work closely with our clients to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that fits their goals. This is made possible with our extensive experience in managing successful legal marketing campaigns.

  • You only pay for results. No minimums, no contracts, no long-term commitments.
  • One lead, one advertiser. 100% EXCLUSIVE.
  • Everything is done using a simple and easy-to-follow process.
  • You only get to talk to REAL prospects on the other side of the phone.
  • You are in charge. You decide what to do with the leads we send your way.
  • Accept calls on your own terms.
  • Work with qualified experts you can trust.

Legal Practice Areas

Class Action/Mass Tort

Criminal Law

Immigration Law


Personal Injury/Auto-Accident

Disability/Veterans Disability


Results that speaks for themselves

In the twenty plus years that I have been in this space, my experience with Palo Media's team has been unparalleled. Beyond their professionalism, they understand how to build successful campaigns, they think outside of the box and they always look for win-win formulas. They morph every piece of business that I bring them into a long term, scalable and lucrative venture. Each member of the team is on point, helpful and has a can-do attitude. They treat everyone with whom they do business like family and there is no one in the industry that I trust more. Doing business with Palo makes me love what I do because I feel good about the business that we generate together and I love interacting with them.



Palo is an awesome partner! Highly collaborative and super easy to work with.

David Quiec

David Quiec

Working with Palo is an absolute pleasure. I have actively worked with PALO for almost 8 years now....yes, I even admit it! They are absolute studs, and goes above and beyond on anything I ask of them. Palo does an amazing job managing buyers and publishers, and provide a lot of insight into their campaigns. From a publisher perspective, I always receive detailed feedback so that I can optimize for not only quality, but also profitability. These details keep the advertiser happy, to allow for very long running campaigns. Highly recommended!

Curt Denny

Curt Denny

Mobile Technologies

We have been working with the PALO team for over 2 years now and each team member has been involved at some point of this partnership. They have been professional, fun and collaborative partners who work with us to understand what exactly we are looking for and what works the best with our business model. We have had many fun experiences outside of just doing business together and that is hard to find. The Palo team has been a breath of fresh air to work with!

Stephen Luthy

Stephen Luthy

The Credit Pros

As a publisher, I have worked with several different networks but working with Palo has been the best experience I have had. Besides having offers that are publisher friendly, the Account Managers are wonderful to work with and always are available when I have questions. The quality of the offers are vetted and are always tested out before being given to a Publisher which makes success a reality. If you want to find a network that treats you as a partner and the best payment terms in the industry, Palo is the network you will want to work with.

James Proctor

James Proctor

Digital Resource Management

I have worked with Palo Media for more than 3 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to communicate with almost every one of the team, and their consistently clear communication makes partnering simple. The top-quality results I have experienced are exactly what you would expect from them. They are true professionals in the Pay Per Call industry and great partners for my business.

Plamen Stoyanov

Plamen Stoyanov



Lawyer marketing tips for your firm


Law Firm Pay Per Call FAQs.

PALO is a unique company, and all our leads are exclusive. This means that all leads are only sold once. We take time to check all leads once they come in against all the former leads we have had before. Any new lead with a matching phone number or email address is usually marked as duplicate and ineligible for distribution. We keep our word.

At PALO, we believe in building trust through honesty, transparency, and delivering high-quality work. We can gladly share with you access to our project management system to help you see our progress on your project. Also, our leads are delivered to you in real-time by email. You can always reach us anytime in case of any issues.

In most cases, we generate the majority of our leads through our internal campaigns that we have been running since 2010. This means that we take care of the quality of leads generated from start to finish. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything. In the last few years, we have also partnered with some other powerful attorney pay per call providers and specialists to improve our lead generation process.

We spend a significant amount of resources to gather as many details as possible about a case lead. Before we transfer the lead to you, we make sure we have gathered every single detail you will need to close the deal as fast as possible.​

PALO is much more than an attorney pay per call marketing company. Our biggest ambition is to see your business grow. We use simple and proven digital marketing strategies to push more leads your way. We also rely on scalable strategies driven by your firm size, market needs, and target audience. Once we have all the information we need, we use our many years of experience in the legal industry and creativity to make the magic happen.

Our quality assurance process begins with our ads. We don’t use terms such as “pro bono,” “free,” or legal aid” that may lower the quality of leads generated. From there, we use other strategies to monitor for any patterns of low quality. We continuously evaluate our processes to improve quality, hence making everything super easy for you. Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality leads that become clients of your firm.

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