Google Ads in 2020 [VIDEO]


I had the chance to sit down with one of the most well-known marketers and pick his brain on where he see’s Google Ads and search marketing going in 2020.

Isaac Rudansky, Founder & CEO of Adventure Media Group as well as the best-selling course around Google Ad buying, spent some time to discuss how he runs his agency and what he’s doing going into the new year when it comes to media buying.

Here are some of the key takeaways…


Automation Will Be Crucial

Search marketers have seen Google make some drastic changes over the past year and these really stem from attempting to deliver a better user experience. Some of the new features Google has rolled out are strong indicators that they’ll be removing more of the manual features and implementing a machine learning process for all marketers.


  • Smart Campaigns, are campaigns designed to remove all strategic aspects of campaign creation by letting Google handle the targeting, bidding, ad creation, and landing page experience.
  • Automated Bidding AKA Smart Bidding, Google handles bid management and optimization based upon your target goals.
  • Dynamic Search Ads, in a broad sense, simply give your URL to Google and they’ll create ads based upon the content in your site.

Some of these are new, some of these are not but Google is actively making a push for more adoption within these.


Think Like the Business Owner

This is something we adopt at PALO, think like the client. If I was the client, I’d need to know how to run my business to be successful, right? Well what’s stopping you as the marketer from knowing the nitty-gritty of your client’s business? Nothing is so ASK! Not just their CPA goals and the demo they want to target, really what runs their business. By understanding the full scope of your client, you’ll not only see longer success with them but you’ll way a whole lot more loyalty as well.

If you work with attorneys, how long is it going to take for that case to result in something?

If you work with insurance agents, what’s the LTV of the leads I generate and what demo’s show greater lengths of value?

Put yourself in their shoes and not only will your client love you, but you’ll love the results you see on the media side.


Work Your Ass Off

Isaac made this loud and clear and I couldn’t agree with him more. Hard work is underrated today as everyone wants to try and work “smarter” or “automate” more…just like Google is trying to do. Yes, these help you scale but nothing will scale on a foundation that is weak.

Don’t stress out about the small things that don’t really matter at the end of the day, focus on what really moves the needle and go all in on that. Things like going above and beyond for your client, educating yourself (can’t stress this enough), and setting your team up for success. All of these require hard work and you can’t cut corners.


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