Driving Calls with SEO [VIDEO + Guide]

In this episode of the Caller Meetup Live, I sat down with a good friend and expert SEO, Adam Colbert of Rocket 31 Digital Marketing.

Adam runs a leading agency in the Denver, CO area with a core focus on lead generation through SEO. His expertise ranges from localized business, all the way to e-commerce. I’ve had the privilege to work with Adam first hand and see the massive results he can drive.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the interview but be sure to watch the episode to learn lots of good stuff that we discussed.

How Do You See SEO Shifting?

From the pay per call perspective, SEO is pretty critical, and if you are going to launch a site, launch it as a brand. Take time to make your website look good and legit. Create social profiles for it, obtain some legit reviews, and set it up as a company. Basically, you want to make everything as real as possible to attract traffic and get those calls.

Just strive to ensure that you have got legit stuff that people can trust. Once you setup such a site, you start sending the right signals to Google and rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs). You need to keep in mind that if you are not showing value to users, Google will not reward you in any way.

Regardless of what you are doing, you need to start building a brand. It doesn’t matter whether your business is purely online or have a physical address; you need to make sure people can trust you.

Building a Team and Getting Value for Money

You will need a team to scale, and sometimes, finding qualified people to hire can be difficult. Things become even more challenging when you are trying to recruit overseas. So, the best thing to do is find an able person who can serve as your project manager and make him/her the primary point of contact.

That means, everyone on your team should be reporting directly to this person. If you need something done, all you have to do is communicate with the project manager and let him/her handle the execution.

When you are hiring overseas, you might face challenges such as language barriers and time differences. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your project manager speaks the same language as most people on your team, and if possible, they should be within the same time zone. This allows you to focus on the strategy and other things that matter. The best way to find employees who can actually do what you want them to do is to offer paid tests.

Also, make sure you treat your employees with respect and dignity regardless of where you find them. Guide them and be nice to them so they can be loyal to you. Build systems that can help them succeed and always be ready to guide them if need be.

Good Tools for Finding and Managing VA’s

The best way to find good VA’s and even other employees is by asking your team members if they have friends who may want to take up such roles (referral).  Onlinejobs.ph is also a good platform where you can hire individuals for online jobs.  You can also check out Upwork.

Once you have prospective candidates, conduct a paid test to identify the most qualified individual and hire him/her.

Ninja Hacks for Building a Site

If you want to start cool, you should consider going for that expired domain because it might already have some link juice. Find a domain in your niche, and keep in mind that the domain dictates the niche. Auction sites are a good starting point because you can get a good deal. Expireddomains.net is also good.

If you are willing to spend a relatively good amount of money on a domain, you can actually get something decent. And if you get something good, you can even grab the content from there or simply redesign the website and launch it.

But you need to be careful when looking for a domain name, especially from marketplaces and auction sites. Go for a domain name that has been in the same niche for as long as it has been registered and has good links.

Approach the search with an open mind and always remember that it is the domain that dictates the niche. So, as long as you can find something that you think is pretty easy to monetize, go for it. Use tools such as the Wayback machine to understand expired domain names before you purchase.

Even if you have already built and launched your site, you can use expireddomains.net to find decent domains to redirect to your site.

Understanding Mass Page Sites

You can rely on mass page creation software to build pages, but you need to do it the right to avoid turning out spammy.

For instance, if you are spinning content, rewriting it, and publishing on other pages, you might generate a few calls, but the strategy isn’t sustainable in the long run. Spam has zero value to the user, and you must avoid it when using mass page sites.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your mass page sites answer user queries and remain relevant. Avoid redirecting users to other sites and make sure you serve value. One of the best tools you can use to build mass pages is the mass page creator.

As long as you deliver value to the user, Google, or any other search engine, will have no problem with whatever you do.

Adam was nice enough to put his SEO techniques into a guide in which he’s giving away for free, no catch.