Monetize Web-Generated Leads through SMS

Would you like an easy way to sell your web-generated leads to buyers in niches like debt, insurance, mortgage or home services?
If so, then Palo Media Group new leads-to-calls platform can help.

I want to pull you in on a NEW, turnkey method for monetizing your lead generation efforts.

You can now monetize your aged and real-time webform data by posting it into a powerful, new 2-way SMS marketing system, called Leads-to-calls.

Who’s this for?

  • Lead generation publishers
  • Aged data brokers
  • Co-reg publishers
  • Pretty much any company collecting or brokering lead data, in a clean, TCPA compliant way, can monetize their data this way.

Palo Media Group is a pay per call affiliate network with a long list of thirsty buyers looking to buy your lead data in the debt, insurance, mortgage, and home services verticals.

Get started for free by filling out their application here: leads-to-calls application.

Leads-to-Calls is an ALL-IN-ONE Platform that sells your leads using two-way SMS, Voice, and Email

Imagine for a second you have a business that generates real-time leads daily, in the mortgage niche.

Let’s say you sell this real-time lead data to direct mortgage buyer(s) daily, but then after a week or so it’s just sitting there collecting dust.

What else can you do to easily squeeze out a few more dollars?

Or maybe you simply need someone to buy your data in real time. This will help.

As a PALO publisher, you can apply for a similar mortgage offer, or use a congruent offer (credit repair, debt relief), pull a promo number from invoca, then begin re-engaging that data using the leads-to-calls platform, on autopilot.

After a simple setup (configure promo number and API token), then the system will go to work re-engaging your lead data with an intelligent and automated SMS platform.

Using both human and bot interaction, it will engage your leads via SMS and phone call, in a non spammy, very conversational way.

Here is an example of a re-engagement message:

Hey Laura, this is Jeff from [YOUR BRAND], are you still in need of a good mortgage quote? When’s a good time to connect?”.

The system engages, repeatedly, on a schedule, until the lead engages back (thanks or no thanks). It does a fine job connecting the caller to a high converting offer, through your promo number with very little friction. Also, opting out is easy for your leads too.