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pay per call affiliate programs

Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs: How to Choose the Best Affiliate Network That Will Work for You

According to Statista, affiliate spending in the United States will hit the $8.2 billion mark by 2020. More and more businesses are willing to spend more money on pay per call affiliate programs to attract new clients and drive sales.

While this is good news to affiliates, the truth is that choosing the right affiliate program/network is not an easy thing to do. We understand that every publisher out there deserves nothing but the best. However, with an ever-increasing number of affiliate networks, it can be quite hard to narrow down the list.

You need to consider many factors and compare different networks before you settle down on one option. Today, we will discuss some of the crucial factors to consider when choosing an affiliate marketing program/network to join.

So, let us dive straight into the details.

1. Commission Rate

The commission rate offered by the network is perhaps the most important thing to consider, especially if money is the primary motivator behind you being a publisher. Different affiliate networks offer different commission rates. Typically, the higher the rate of commission, the more you will earn per convert/acquisition.

pay per call affiliate programs

However, the most crucial factor to consider here is the conversion rate. If you are dealing with products/services that guarantee a relatively higher conversion rate, you can compromise on the commission rate slightly.

Over time, you may realize that some pay per call affiliate programs with a relatively lower commission rate can easily generate more profit than those offering very high commission with a relatively poor conversion rate. Therefore, it is upon you to make a wise decision depending on your preferences.

2. The Offer Must Be Within Your Niche

While this may be obvious, it is such an important point worth stressing.  Finding offers that are directly related to your blog/site content is critical to success. For instance, you cannot be running a health supplements blog and join an affiliate program offering auto insurance.  In this case, the offer might be irrelevant to your traffic.

However, don’t limit yourself to one thing. Sometimes, it is good to think outside the box and be creative to maximize your earnings.

For example, if you write a blog about car care, there is no need to limit yourself to selling auto spare parts and related products. You can also promote auto insurance, various car events, driving holidays, and anything related to cars.

3. Ask about the Affiliate Cookie Lifespan

Before we go further, we need to define the term “affiliate cookie lifespan.” In this context, a cookie refers to a small file that is usually stored on the end user’s computer when they click on an affiliate link. Cookies are used to track affiliate sales.

If a visitor clicks on your affiliate link but doesn’t complete the desired action, you can still earn a commission if he/she returns a couple of days later and completes the action.

But you need to keep in mind that affiliate cookies expire. An affiliate cookie’s duration corresponds to the amount of time you can expect to earn a commission from a potential client.

For instance, if you set the cookie lifespan to five weeks, you have five weeks from the first time the prospect clicks on the link to try and make them come back and complete the desired action.

If the prospect fails to act within the set timeframe, you won’t get a commission.  The same thing applies to a recurring commission.

It means that the longer the cookie expiration duration, the more favorable it is to the publisher. Therefore, before you sign up for any affiliate network, ask about the cookie expiration duration.  Most vendors use past visitor data to establish appropriate affiliate cookie expiry duration.

4. Vendor Support

Working with an affiliate vendor that offers excellent support can be the only difference between success and failure. Problems occur, and you cannot change that. But you will be at peace knowing that you have good support from the vendor when required.

Support can be offered in different ways depending on the size of the affiliate network. You can have a dedicated account manager, email support, and live chat options.

You should also evaluate the marketing materials available to you and determine whether they can help you scale your campaigns. Some networks provide banners that you can use to promote the products/services.

At PALO, we offer our publishers a custom landing page template in their vertical and a set of starter keywords to help them kickstart their campaigns. Take time to evaluate all the options available to you and make an informed decision.

5. Focus on Quality, NOT Quantity

Some affiliate networks tend to brag about how many websites and publishers are in their networks. However, don’t let the numbers blindfold you. A good affiliate network will always prioritize quality over quantity.

Ask whether publishers are somehow evaluated before they are allowed into the network because your primary goal is to generate profit out of your traffic. So, if the network is flooded with all types of affiliates, there is good chance advertisers won’t consider it.

pay per call affiliate programs

Go for an affiliate network that can connect you with high-value advertisers who will see the value in your traffic. The evaluation process should be transparent but vigorous.  You should also inquire about whether the agency has put procedures and mechanisms in place to deter fraud.

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