The New Age of Lead Generation for Attorneys

In the legal profession, like in any business, effective lead generation matters. Most law practices won’t get all their business from client referrals, so they have to rely on other methods of lead generation.

If you’re like most lawyers, you get your attorney leads from one of two sources:


  • A lead form on your website. This works for a very small percentage of firms, mainly, those who already get enough site traffic that they don’t rely on the leads they get from this source in the first place.
  • A list of leads, purchased from a third party who finds interested individuals and refers them to you.

One or both of these tactics may work for some or even most practices, but here’s the problem:

You’re left with a list of leads, and there’s still work to be done.

First, you have to start prospecting. Depending on the information included on the lead forms, you have to decide, just by looking, which leads are more promising as potential clients.

Next, you have to spend the time calling these leads back. Remember, these aren’t yet paying clients.

There’s no possibility of billing the time you spend on outbound calling, and there’s no guarantee a person will answer the phone, even when they’ve made the effort to request information to address their legal needs.

The leads that you don’t reach will eventually be resold, meaning that you’re essentially settling for a return on investment (ROI) of zero.

Buying lists of leads has been considered a “necessary evil” for legal marketing specialists, but not anymore.

A New Solution in Legal Lead Generation

What if instead of getting leads and having to track them down, these interested prospective clients came to you?

What if when it was time to look for a new client, you could have a lineup calls on the phone in an instant?

What if there was a way to guarantee that the majority of your leads could be pre-qualified, high-value clients from the moment you start prospecting?

With inbound call marketing, these benefits can be yours.

Here’s how it works:

You start a partnership with a pay per call company that specializes in getting inbound leads sent to your practice.

They screen potential clients and send qualified attorney leads to your practice in the form of phone calls. It’s that easy.

Inbound Calls vs. Lead Lists

You might be thinking that there’s very little difference between someone handing you a list of leads vs. directing calls to your business. After all, you’re paying for both, right?

Actually, this is where the similarities end. Here are the key differences between inbound calling and convention legal lead generation:

  • Inbound calling gives you a captive audience. In this case, leads are calling you. They’re interested in what you have to offer them and their case. You don’t have to waste your time tracking down leads that may not answer or have already been resold.
  • Inbound calling is pre-screened and customized for your practice. Most of the time, a company selling you a list of leads won’t be able to tell if they’re qualified leads.They don’t get the chance to speak with these prospects, and instead, they just file their information and pass it along. Pay per call specialists, on the other, understand the intricacies of your practice and forwards call only when they meet the criteria of a “qualified lead”.
  • Inbound calling provides the highest ROI possible. Because of these two benefits, getting your leads coming inbound through the phone lines has a much higher ROI than getting the same leads on paper. The opportunity cost of the time you spend calling them back makes a difference, and so does the quality of the lead.

Legal Marketing Scenarios

Take, for example, a patent law firm. Cases are likely to be complicated and not every lead has a case that should be considered.

Wouldn’t it make sense for your firm to have screening questions done by an outside system to make sure these calls are worth your time?

Another example of the advantages of inbound call marketing is a personal injury law firm. Cases turn over quickly, so these firms are usually constantly looking for new clients, and taking on new cases as fast as possible.

Buying a leads list means these attorneys are constantly calling out and getting mixed results. Buying a batch of inbound calls means that these new clients are already on the line, ready to sign on as a client.

PALO is Your Solution for Inbound Calls

When it comes to qualified inbound attorney leads, PALO is the partner who will best serve your needs.

We understand: as an attorney, your days are chaotic and you need to get your leads from a company who does the work for you and lets you benefit, rather than getting a list of names and letting you do all the work.

We even have a call center that will answer the phone for you and set up consultations if your schedule doesn’t allow for someone on your team to answer the phone. PALO is the partner your law firm needs. Contact us to get started.